Bucket List Item #17: Learn how to knit and finish the scarf I started in 2009

I don’t know what came over me. Just before I became pregnant, the desire to create a pair of gloves from scratch flourished into an obsessive craft.

I went to the library and borrowed as many “how-to knit” books I could find and carry. And then I went to a local superstore and bought my first pair of knitting needles. Next, I filled my basket with different colours and textures of yarn.

I meant business.

And so, in one night, I read up, and put those knitting needles to use. Once I learned a basic stitch, I went crazy!

I knitted at the dining table. I knitted in front of the television. I knitted in bed. I knitted in the car on the way to work (while my husband was driving, of course). I knitted any chance I got.

The end result? A very LONG BEGINNING of…

…a scarf.


I couldn’t quite pick up an end stitch to finish my project.

And so, I say, I’m not one to turn away from challenges I face—sometimes I only stop, pause, and take a little break.

But, the desire to knit still lives in me and has resurfaced. I’d very much like to begin a new scarf—one in turquoise—and finish it. I’d like to wear my accomplished task proudly around my neck as I run errands downtown. I’d like to know that what was once left behind, can also be picked up again and continued. I’d like to know that in each stitch came with it a resolution to learn, to persevere, and to complete.

I’d like to know that someday I will be able to make more than just a scarf: mittens, a hat, slipper-socks, a doll. I’d like to know that.

Here’s to the power of the needle, the fun of fuzzy yarn, and the stitches I have yet to conquer!

Scheveningen Woman Knitting. Van Gogh. Watercolour. December 1881. Private collection.

(c) Zara Alexis D. Garcia-Alvarez


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